Founding Partner Harry Nelson was interviewed on Gurvey’s Law to discuss HIPAA and Privacy issues during COVID-19.

From the interview:

Kerri Kasem: What do you think in this case, with COVID-19 and somebody saying, “I don’t wanna–I don’t want to tell anybody.”

Harry Nelson: So, it’s very important– Everybody should know what I’m about to share. is that a week and a half ago, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is the branch of the government responsible for enforcing HIPAA basically announced a waiver and said to every healthcare provider in the country: “We are NOT enforcing any penalties whatsoever for violating HIPAA as long as you are acting in ‘good faith’.” …This is a historic event, where literally the federal government has said, “Doctors, you are relieved from HIPAA liability.”

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