The National Behavioral Health Association of Providers (NBHAP) is offering the webinar

“Mandated Reporting: What is It and How Does It Apply to Me?” on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT. The presenters are Nelson Hardiman partners John Mills and Zachary Rothenberg.

There are numerous statutes, regulations, accreditation conditions and contract terms that SUD facilities and their teams are required to comply with. Buried within many of those provisions are requirements that the facility timely self-report certain events and occurrences, and that therapists and others report certain kinds of concerns about the clients with whom they are working.

Some of these reporting requirements are rarely enforced, but others are enforced with vigor by government agencies, payors and others. Sometimes the failure to report is even used as a pretext by payors to justify terminating a participating provider contract, or by clinical/professional boards to challenge professional licenses. The consequences of overlooking or ignoring reporting requirements can be severely harmful to your organization and team.

This webinar will educate owners and clinical staff of SUD facilities on the significant self-reporting requirements of which they should be aware when certain events occur or concerns are raised. Failure to give timely reports can result in legal action by regulators, payors, and other parties. John and Zach will discuss when and whether you must report events such as patient deaths and injuries, patient complaints, actions against clinician licenses, unprofessional conduct, concerns of abuse, changes of location or other significant operational changes, identified overpayments and more. They will also discuss the proper entities to report to as well as best reporting practices to minimize the risk of disruptive investigations and negative publicity.

This webinar is free to attend live but registration is required at Attendees are eligible to earn 1 CE.

The National Behavioral Health Association of Providers (NBHAP) is a national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries. NBHAP was founded in March 2016, and provides membership opportunities such as discounts on compliance services, educational opportunities such as CE-based webinars, and advocacy efforts to keep those in the industry aware of new laws and regulations that may be coming that will affect them. Formerly known as the American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA), NBHAP rebranded in April 2018 to broaden our scope.

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