Nelson Hardiman represented a surgeon (“Surgeon”) who was being sued, along with three members of the Medical Board of California (“Board”) by a doctor (“Plaintiff”) who alleged a conspiracy to revoke Plaintiff’s license without merit or basis. The Plaintiff’s causes of action included an antitrust conspiracy violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act, violations of Plaintiff’s due process and equal protection rights, and various tortuous interference claims. Plaintiff sought $750,000,000, plus punitive damages and attorneys’ fees from each defendant.

Nelson Hardiman, led by partner John A. Mills, developed numerous defenses to each cause of action, which it then brought to Plaintiff’s attorneys, explaining that Surgeon would seek attorneys’ fees if forced to bring motions to dismiss and strike the complaint. Several days later, Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the entire complaint. The early dismissal, obtained with minimal time and resources expended, represented a significant victory for Nelson Hardiman’s client.

John A. Mills was also recognized this year as one of the Best Lawyers in America 2019 by Best Lawyers for the 4th consecutive year.  

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