Co-Managing Partner Stacie K. Neroni was interviewed by the Daily Journal regarding her recent promotion. “It was evident from day one that Stacie is a natural leader,” said founder Harry Nelson. “She had an immediate, significant impact in improving our internal operations. We felt it was an important step in our continued growth to formalize her management role.”

From the article:

“We are setting new targets, including making better use of analytics to manage client services, increase attorney productivity, and achieve financial goals,” Neroni said when asked what she hopes to achieve as managing partner. “We have attracted attention as a leader in the healthcare law industry and want to continue to aim higher and set a new bar for what law firms can do and be.”

Neroni also had some words of wisdom for attorneys aspiring for leadership roles. “Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and volunteer to handle tasks that need to be done,” said Neroni. “Don’t wait to be asked for your opinion or assistance. Be proactive. Also, be wary of law firm leaders who aren’t transparent and open to discussing how things are currently done or could be done differently.”

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