Strategic Affiliations

We help companies forge strategic affiliations, including a few of our own. We are experts because we’ve done it all time and again. Our singular focus on the future of healthcare has led to these industry-changing strategic alliances:

Adaptive Health Capital
Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and executives Harry Nelson and Rob Fuller, both Nelson Hardiman partners, the investment fund provides financial and strategic support to healthcare start-ups and catalyzes growth in mature healthcare organizations. We connect innovators and capital, and leading healthcare and life sciences companies drawn towards strategic growth, realizing a vision of Southern California as a hub of healthcare innovation investing.

American Addiction Treatment Association
The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) establishes standards and best practices to help the industry comply with the evolving regulatory landscape. AATA’s cornerstone is timely education about the challenges facing addiction treatment facilities, programs and professionals, offering members a state-by-state toolkit for compliance.

Compliagent is your partner in designing, managing, and maintaining a healthy regulatory compliance infrastructure and keeping healthcare data private and secure. Serving over one-hundred healthcare facilities, providers, and business associates, we proactively and cost-effectively mitigate compliance, data privacy, and data security risks, resulting in stronger organizations and improved long-term profitability.

MMLG is the leading compliance consulting group specializing in navigating local and state licensing application processes for cannabis-related businesses.