Co-Managing Partner Stacie K. Neroni was named to the Daily Journal’s 2019 Top 100 Women Lawyers. This annual list recognizes female attorneys’ successes and victories in the courtroom and the advancements women lawyers make in the legal industry. The Daily Journal highlights Stacie’s accomplishments in the healthcare regulatory sector, citing her recent success providing regulatory licensing and enrollment advice on a $163 million acquisition for a confidential client of a home health agency and two specialty infusion pharmacies that operate in 47 states.

The Daily Journal asked Stacie about the complexity of her practice area and the issues clients face.

“Many clients are enrolled or licensed in all states, yet the hoops they need to jump through are localized,” Neroni said. “The problem is that the consequences for doing something wrong are extremely punitive. The penalties can have a massive monetary impact if things don’t happen timely and accurately, with carefully timed disclosures– or you can be barred for years. It’s a very technical area. California is one of the top five states in complexity. I usually get involved for a provider on the California side of a deal.”

Stacie was elevated to Co-Managing Partner and named to the 2019 Southern California Super Lawyers List earlier this year.

“It was evident from day one that Stacie is a natural leader,” said founder Harry Nelson. “She had an immediate, significant impact in improving our internal operations. We felt it was an important step in our continued growth to formalize her management role.”

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